Are More Lockdowns on the Way?

Are More Lockdowns on the Way?

Coronavirus numbers across the United States have had a recent uptick causing fears that a new round of lockdowns could be coming down the road. Adding to the problem hospitals across the country are seeing surges in the number of patients being admitted and staffing shortages are not helping. A few states have already started to impose more restrictions in the hopes they can stop the spread of the Corona Virus as we enter the flu season. States like Michigan have added laws that are designed to help businesses for example you can read about the Bipartisan Bills Protecting Workers and Businesses that do their Part to Protect Michiganders from COVID-19

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Saturday said that the number of deaths had risen by 1,009 to 229,109. You can check out your counties cases on the CDC COVID Data Tracker The CDC numbers do not necessarily reflect all cases that are not reported by individual states.

All eyes are on Europe as we see the cases doubling in the past five weeks giving us a European total of over 10 million people affected by COVID-19 according to Reuters News.

As new cases are surging France, Germany and the United Kingdom have all started new lockdowns expected to last for at least the next month that are almost as strict as the restrictions placed back in March and April. Even Portugal has imposed a partial lockdown, while Spain and Italy are tightening their own restrictions. Meanwhile Governments across Europe are now under fire for now using the summer lull to prepare for what everyone was certain would be a fall surge leaving their medical first responders and hospitals unprepared.

What is likely in the US is that we will see more restrictions placed on large gatherings as we approach the holiday season.  The experts are saying that a full lockdown is highly unlikely in the US no matter how high COVID-19 cases grow to this fall and winter.  There is another article in Healthline that discusses the fact that the country as a whole doesn’t appear to have the political and economic willpower to sustain such an effort and also that if any lockdowns to occur they will vary from state to state and even city to city.  Healthline Article: It’s Unlikely the U.S. Will Have Another COVID-19 Lockdown No Matter How High the Numbers Get

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