EPA Registered Alloy Kills Viruses and Germs On The New CuRVE® Striker No Touch Tool

Micro Mini Metal has created a gamechanger in the no-touch tool marketplace with its release of the CuRVE® Family of Ultimate No Touch Tools.

Micro Mini Metal is a company that focuses on products that minimize contact with public surfaces. The CuRVE® Striker is currently the only no-touch tool made with an EPA registered alloy. We are excited to announce the introduction of our new patent-pending, certified green, ergonomically engineered no touch tool.

What can CuRVE® do? It turns door handles, open bottles, pushes keypads, activates touchscreens, turns locks, pushes doors, pulls doors and so much more.

CuRVE® helps you navigate your world while avoiding touching public surfaces where viruses can live for days. It helps you to create a barrier between you and the surfaces you come across each day so you can keep your hands clean and reduce your point-of-contact area by over 99%.

CuRVE® Shield is proudly made in manufactured at our facility in Kansas from 100% Copper and is lead-free, unlike most of our competitor's products, which use C260 or C360 and other alloys that commonly contain lead.

CuRVE® Striker is proudly manufactured at our facility in Connecticut from a Copper Alloy that is registered with the EPA to kill SARS, MRSA, Ebola, and many other deadly germs.

The Copper Companion™ is the storage pouch that gets rid of the main complaint that these tools have had. Cross Contamination, when you are done using the CuRVE® you simply place it in the pouch and back in your pocket or purse and it keeps harmful microbes from transferring to your other personal items. The tool has already started to kill any viruses or germs on it.

The concept is simple, by avoiding shared surfaces you are less likely to pick up germs that can make you sick. You can activate touchscreens with either CuRVE® Tool and according to WebMD "one study found some disturbing kinds of germs on touchscreens. Tests on screens at eight fast-food restaurants found fecal bacteria that cause the kinds of infections you can pick up in a hospital (Enterococcus faecalis), as well as staphylococcus, which can cause blood poisoning." So when you are trying to avoid the latest virus-like COVID-19 or trying to reduce your chances of contracting the flu (influenza), copper no-touch tools can be useful in minimizing your exposure to harmful microbes.  

Shawn Tipping, spokesman for the company tells us, "A year ago this product didn't exist, It grew in popularity as products were introduced and now we are disrupting the market because we took the time to design something that is uniquely made from an EPA registered alloy here in the United States we've stepped up the level of quality currently being demanded by users." Covid19 allowed us to do what we do best, and that is to innovate. Tipping says, "Covid19 will go away, but it will leave us with a frame of reference on how bad things can get. We don't remember the Spanish Flu outbreak of 1918, but we will remember this." With thousands already sold, we know as a company we are accomplishing our mission to help flatten the CuRVE®.

This article was released to the press via EIN Presswire.  You can find the release here.

EPA Registered Alloy Kills Viruses and Germs On The New CuRVE® Striker No Touch Tool