Micro Mini Metal & CuRVE® FAQs

Q. Where are CuRVE® no touch tools made?
A. CuRVE® Striker is made in Connecticut 
CuRVE® Shield is made in Kansas
Q. What are the CuRVE® tools made from?
A. CuRVE® Striker is made from a Copper Alloy Registered with the EPA to kill viruses and germs
CuRVE® Shield is 100% Copper
Q. Are CuRVE® no touch tools TSA Friendly?
A. Yes, TSA generally allows hand tools to be permitted in carry-on bags.
Q. Can CuRVE® no touch tools be used as a stylus on signature pads?
A. Our tool can be used as a stylus on some signature pads. However, certain machines are only compatible with their built in pen stylus. CuRVE is a great tool to be employed as much as possible but proper hygiene protocol and contamination prevention are recommended when absolutely necessary.
Q. Do CuRVE® no touch tools work on touchscreens?
A. CuRVE® no touch tools can be used as a stylus on most touch screen devices. Some touch screens are less responsive due to high traffic and require a more conducive surface area. Try using the flat end on the top of the tool on those screens. The more surface area the easier it is for the screen to sense your selection.
Q. Can CuRVE® be customized with a company logo or bulk purchased?
A. Yes, email info@microminimetal.com for pricing.
Q. Are CuRVE® no touch tools Patented?
A. CuRVE® no touch tools are both Patent Pending and Trademarked.
Q. Do CuRVE® no touch tools work for round doorknobs?
A. CuRVE® no touch tools can help you push doors, pull doors or turn a door lever. They also work on some door knobs but not all. Most round doorknobs are found in residential spaces such as homes and apartments. CuRVE® no touch tools were designed to help open public doors which have push, pull or turn functions.

Q. What are CuRVE® no touch tool dimensions?
A. CuRVE® no touch tools are 4 inches by 2 inches.

Q. Do I need to clean the copper, If so, how?
A. Copper will naturally patina over time, giving each piece its own unique look. To clean we recommend using water and a Scotch-Brite sponge, rub in the direction of the grain and dry.  If your tool tarnishes use Bar Keeper's Friend and it will restore the tool's shine.

If you have any other questions please feel free to 
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